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Data is your business’s most valuable asset, and it deserves the best protection.

Leading backup and protection for OneDrive, Exchange Online, SharePoint, and Teams, as well as data centers, SaaS apps, and native workloads. Fill native data protection gaps without hardware or software. Our secure 100% SaaS platform automates governance and ransomware protection.

Do more with less. Discover the benefits of SaaS-based data protection

Microsoft 365’s operating model means responsibility for data, endpoints, accounts, and more is retained by the subscribers. But what does this mean for your organization’s data security?

Microsoft’s shared responsibility model means they’re responsible for platform uptime while you’re responsible for the protection, retention, and recovery of data created in-platform.

This puts your critical data at risk for loss as a result of accidental deletion, ransomware, and other threats. With strong 100% SaaS backup and data protection, your organization can close the critical gaps and prevent threats to critical M365 data.

Air-gap your environment from ransomware

Discover the benefits of SaaS-based data protection

  • Office 365 backup
  • Ransomware prevention
  • Scalability and elasticity
  • Predictable cloud costs
  • Tighter security

How is Magic Stone different?

Providing the security, cost efficiency, and experience you expect from SaaS, We simplify the data protection and governance of management of your M365 data.

15 minutes to deploy, then scale performance and capacity on-demand

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