Data Protection

Manage and control the entire organizational data from a single place, no matter where it’s stored

In a nutshell:

  • Collaborate securely with third parties without giving away data ownership
  • Change or revoke document rights at any time beyond your network
  • Offboard suppliers or employee data in a single click
  • Control compliance with data rights
  • Collaborate across different platforms
  • Complete visibility & control of outgoing data
  • Protect against stolen information

Securing your company’s supply chain by giving it control over the data leaving the organization, to prevent data leaks and blocking incoming threats!

Cloud transformation turns collaboration into a key part of any business process, from working with partners and suppliers to managing customers. Collaboration may create security risks as it exposes data to different parties

Collaborate without giving data ownership – what does it mean?

Data ownership means any digital asset that your company creates, it can be documents, designs and data created by different platforms (Salesforce, Power BI, more).  The data owner creates the rules for the data: sharing/copy/other

Making changes “On the fly” – post delivery

Our tool allows you to make changes after data has left the organization’s parameter.

That means that you can always tighten security even when data is sent or downloaded.

Let’s say you shared a legal document with a wrong recipient or that you work on a project with a specific party, and you don’t won’t it to be shared with others. Our tool allows you to change rights or even revoke right post delivery; Moreover, as data owner we enable full tracking visibility, so you know exactly what happens and what has been done!

Did You know💡
Mistakes can cause significant damage to a company’s reputation, financials, and prospects. In fact, 85% of data breaches are caused by human error. One of the most known mistakes are misdirected emails	
The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office reports misdirected emails as the number one cause of data breaches

We protect your data channels.

Your company’s weakest security link lies within your digital supply chain. Leaving these data channels unmanaged puts your organization at high risk. We protect your data channels with customers, suppliers, partners, and 3rd parties by continuously managing and controlling downstream data

In simple words – your company has stopped working with a supplier, in one click the data for the supplier is revoked and your company is no longer in risk

We aim to maximize the organization’s control over their data in a seamless, secure and compliant way

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