Attack Surface Monitoring

Start covering your external attack surface with rigorous discovery, 99.7% accurate vulnerability assessments, and accelerated remediation through actionable guidance.

Get complete coverage of your attack surface.


  • 99.7% accurate vulnerability assessments
  • 100% Payload-based testing
  • Detectify crowdsource platform – 400+ elite ethical hackers hand-picked and challenged to find vulnerabilities in a widely used system.

Monitor what you expose on the web

Surface Monitoring strengthens the security of your applications’ Internet-facing subdomains and detects exposed files, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations continuously.

What makes Detectify Unique?

Detectify is the only one that approaches external attack surface management from the vulnerability assessment side instead of discovery. This, together with the automation of crowdsourced security knowledge, puts us in a unique spot.

We replicate the methods used by real-life, malicious actors so that Detectify customers can access the same techniques without needing deep security expertise.

By working with leading ethical hackers, we get the latest and more relevant research; We develop testing modules quickly and automate them in the tool on a weekly basis so our customers.

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